My name is Scott Stukel,

I am a Real Estate Investor. I have been involved in Real Estate since 1990 when I got my first job as a AP Accountant then as a Portfolio Accountant for JMB Realty in Chicago. In 1995 I worked for Pro Town Properties. The largest owner of residencial rental properties in Will county, as  an Accountant. In 2009 I recieved my MBA in Finance. In 2011 I took Real Estate Investing classes form Renatus a National Real Estate Investing College. I hold a licensing agreement with Renatus  to Market, Advertise & Develop Consultants into INVESTORS. We are currently expanding our offices and interviewing Sales Associates for the Real Estate Investing Market. Our College provides Financing and Mentors to guide and coach you through this ever changing economy. If you, your friends or family have a Desire to make a difference and move your life forward then call or facebook me!

Currently working on a Multi-Family Real Estate project that is allowing my private investors to make a 20% annual return on their money. You can contact me if you want to hear how I am able to do it.